Why Use Homeopathy? What’s Your Why? March 2017 Blog Aude Sapere

Why Use Homeopathy?  What’s Your Why?  March 2017 Blog Aude Sapere

Why do you use homeopathy for healing?


1) I want to feel better not just physically but emotionally too.

2) I like natural medicine that can treat me gently & without unwanted side-effects

3) I’m looking for a deep healing. Within the Homeopathic consultation I have experienced healing that goes to the root of where the symptoms that you are experiencing are coming from.

4) I look for true healing, and not a just palliation or a band aid. I was tired of taking medications that didn’t make me feel any better, some appeared to produce side effects that in some ways are worse than what the medication is being given for.

5) Homeopathy tastes great! My children love it & it works so quickly for our acute illnesses coughs & colds etc

6) I like to be heard, listened to. Homeopaths provide a safe, protective environment, where whatever you say, show, or share is seen and heard. I’m seen as the individual that I am, not a number or a particular disease.

7) My Homeopath treats me as an individual not a label.  I feel appreciated for who I am, a unique being who needs support & to be listened to.

8) I want to be completely well physically, emotionally & mentally & spiritually. Homeopathy recognises that everything is connected; we are not just one part. Wellness is “wholeness”

9) Homeopathy helps you to know & recognise that the body has a wonderful ability to heal it physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Jane has helped me to tap into that healing ability; you sometimes need help in the form of guidance and nurturing.

10) Even out pets love Homeopathy & benefit too!

If you’re an existing patient – DO share your “Why” & let us know if we may use for further

I recently heard Simon Sinek speak on “What’s your Why?

Simon has also  written a great book   “Start With Why”. Next month I’ll share my “Why I practice Homeopathy”

If you’ve not considered Homeopathic Medicine for your health & would like to know  more on how homeopathy can be of help for you and your family, please contact me here Jane.homeopathy@bigpond.com or through my website Jane@janelindsay.com.au

I offer a complimentary 15 minute  “Get to know me/ Homeopathy” call or appointment in person – Call 07 3368 1300 to book your session.