Post Pregnancy Blog – June 2016

Post Pregnancy Blog – June  2016

You’re a new mother & all is well but you don’t quite feel yourself

I recently had a young mother who came for homeopathic treatment because she had “never been well since pregnancy & birthing”. Over the years I have seen many new mothers who initially struggle with the many changes which happen during pregnancy & after a child is born.


It is usually an immensely joyous & happy time when a baby is born. There are also many changes in a woman’s life at this time. The new life which has taken 9 months to grow & develop inside your womb now needs someone to take care of them 24/7 , who is totally brand new to the world, to itself, and to its mother, father and its siblings. Everyone is learning about each other. We often say, the baby doesn’t come with a how-to manual. There are new roles, new responsibilities, new expectations, new schedules, new personalities, new family dynamics, just newness.

The mother wants to do the best job she can, even more than the best. With this new change in her life, she may be experiencing:

  • deprivation of sleep and sleep difficulties

  • breastfeeding issues

  • eating issues – not getting enough nutrients, not eating enough/eating too much

  • change in dynamics of the family, sibling jealousy

  • changes in her relationship with her significant other

  • image of herself / how she looks at herself, self reflection

  • how she looks physically – body is different, weight gain

  • going back to work/staying home/ being super mom

  • healing from the birth or a c-section

  • miscarriage, stillbirth, adoption

  • anxiety, postpartum depression/ feelings of being overwhelmed

  • exasperation of an ongoing health issue

  • baby having a difficult time or experiencing a health issue

  • health issues of a family member

  • advice from others

Getting Help

To ask for help is always a sign of strength, whether it is asking our family, friends, and/or professionals. By taking care of herself, the mother is also taking care of her new baby and her family. Many mothers at this time often don’t think so much of taking care of herself because she is so busy coping with the needs of others. Any time is a good time to ask for help, if it is needed.

Before during or after the pregnancy is a good time to come for homeopathic care. The homeopath will listen and observe the how and the what of what is bothering the mother – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually – and then give the homeopathic remedy that is similar to this. (The main principle of homeopathy is Like Cures Like.) The similar homeopathic remedy stimulates the healing process of the mother. It is safe for the mother to use homeopathy while breastfeeding, and is therefore safe for the baby. And, homeopathy can be used in conjunction with other healing modalities, including western medicine.

I want to add – homeopathy can be helpful and healing to a mother whether the pregnancy is new, or one that was years ago. In both cases, the mother has noticed that she has not been well since that particular pregnancy, even ones that were years ago.

I would be happy to talk with anyone who feels that they have “never well since pregnancy or becoming a mother” Either contact me or through my website