Top Tips for a Healthy Easter

Top Tips for a Healthy Easter

Article written by Jessica Sepel.

Originally published via JSHealth

Easter is a season filled with yummy family meals and treats absolutely everywhere! In fact, the holiday is practically dedicated to baskets filled with chocolatey, sugary indulgences. If you are health conscious, do not deprive yourself during this time! It will only result in overeating and bingeing on Easter treats. These are my top tips to have a healthy Easter without sabotaging or denying yourself so that you can thoroughly enjoy the holiday.

Allow yourself treats.

I like to designate something special to avoid feeling restricted. When we tell ourselves we cannot have something, most of us want it more. And then when we get our hands on those foods that were “not allowed,” we go crazy over them.

Allow it every day.

Yes – have a treat every day during the Easter festivities! This means one treat that is eaten with moderation and portion control. Savour each bite of a treat, enjoy it, and let go of the guilt. Try this Salty Cinnamon and Almond Bark for a sweet treat!

Make healthy swaps.

If you love chocolate, for example, go for dark chocolate, raw chocolate, or homemade chocolate bark. It takes just 5-10 minutes to make healthy chocolate! If you love chocolate cake, make a healthy chocolate ganache tart.

Prioritize protein.

Eat very protein-rich snacks in between meals to prevent overeating during meal times. It also helps keep sugar cravings at bay.

Eat your greens.

Ensure you enjoy dark, leafy greens with every meal, and enjoy plenty of good fat and protein so that meals are well-balanced. It will keep you feeling good regardless of an occasional treat.

Treat your body well.

Don’t use this time as an excuse to go “all out” on sweet treats. This is no way to treat your body. Your body is your temple, so going mad with sugar-filled foods will really cause you to feel terrible both physically and emotionally. And that will prevent you from enjoying this holiday time as much as you could be. You want energy to enjoy your Easter break – eating sugar all day will cause big drops in energy and impact your sleep.

Get moving.

I always recommend moving for 30 minutes a day, regardless of the time of year. Exercise is not about punishment or “making up for” what you’ve eaten. Do it because it feels good and keeps you in a happy, healthy routine.