Origins of Healing Orchids

The unique essences have been carefully co-created in their initial years (starting in 1998) at The Living Tree in the Milland valley in West Sussex. Their home is now on the Isle of Gigha in Scotland, which is also where the bottling and distribution is carried out.

Made with orchids grown in greenhouses, and using a non-cutting method for the essence making, these essences depart from some aspects of traditional essence making.

The profound beauty and depth of being found in these orchids, suggest that a non-cutting approach is most appropriate. The fact that the orchids are in an artificial environment may seem at first impression rather odd; but one may also see that these plants are volunteering to work directly with us, and have entered into interaction with us very consciously. To see the Orchids in the greenhouse at Gigha is a wonderful experience & I would encourage you if you’re in Europe to make a trip to Gigha & meet Don Dennis the Essence Maker.

My introduction to this unique range of flower essences, The Living Tree Orchid Essences LTOE, goes back over 18 years when contacting Don for a supply of Bush Flower Travel essence for a number of business trips for patients. Don suggested we try a new Orchid essence “Being in Time”.

These Orchid drops worked so beautiful for patients & our own long-haul travel, enabling one to both physically and emotionally “arrive” at our destination.  Today there is also a combination essence “Being Present”, which combines “Being in Time” and “Walking to the Earth’s rhythm” which has enhanced therapeutic action for travel & whenever one needs to be “Fully Present”.