Healing Orchids

There are many who believe that your emotions impact your physical health, so ensuring your emotional health is optimal can be an important part of your health journey.

Dr Edward Bach, a UK Homeopath & bacteriologist wrote of this link between our emotions & health in his book “Heal Thyself – An explanation of the real cause & Cure of Disease” Working initially with homeopathic remedies, he moved towards the discovery of flower remedies. These he felt could help to harmonise the emotional imbalances that he came to see as the real cause of physical illness. Our unique range of Orchid essences can assist in facilitating & integrating your healing journey to wellness.

The Healing Orchids are unique flower essences which are produced in Scotland and work by supporting & correcting mis-tunement within the energy systems (also known as Chakras), of the body. The physical body is made up of 7 energy systems and each are aligned with different emotions and Healing Orchid Essences allow these energy fields to be adjusted, often with immediate effect, to ensure our emotions are in their best, most ideal state.

Flower Essences may be used by anyone and at any time, they do not need to be used only when you are ‘unwell’ as they may enhance everyday experiences & support emotional wellbeing, every single day of your life.