Real Men Use Homeopathy!

Real Men Use Homeopathy!

I often write about women and children in my blog posts. I thought it would be good to write specifically about men, and how homeopathy has helped men in their health.

Here is a testimonial from UK MP Peter Haynes

“I’ve used homeopathy for many years and am convinced of its therapeutic value. I first came to know about homeopathy through my son who as a baby suffered from eczema. He had it a couple of years but with conventional treatment the eczema was getting progressively worse and at the age of 4 he also developed asthma. We turned to homeopathy then out of desperation and were stunned with the positive results. Since then I have used homeopathy for a wide variety of illnesses, but I rely on Arnica as it’s excellent for treating the everyday bruises and shocks to the system we face. My view is that homeopathy and conventional medicines must remain side by side under the NHS to offer the best to patients.”

In recent clinical audit I found that only 25% of my patients are adult males, this surprised me as in the UK it was significantly higher – So why is this – Perhaps you have some thoughts as a man or a woman why this might be here in Australia – If so please e-mail me – I’ll be asking my Homeopathic colleagues to conduct a similar audit & to ask questions similar questions & will let you know further what we find out.

Why do Men Come For Homeopathy?

Men are often sent by the recommendation of their mother, girlfriend, wife, child, or partner but also some do come for treatment of their own accord. There is usually something in particular that is bothering each of the men, whether a physical complaint, an emotional complaint, a behavioural complaint or something else. This complaint forms the beginning of any consultation then listening to more of what this complaint was is like, how this is experienced as well as his food preferences, his sleep patterns, dreams, hobbies outside work , what is work is like, his fears, how he handles stress, and more.

Homeopathy looks at each person as an individual, and looks at the totality of these individual symptoms . A homeopathic remedy that is” similar” to these physical. Emotional & mental complaints is then selected. The homeopathic remedy stimulates the individual’s natural healing process; it promotes a self-healing. The physical complaint which may have brought the individual to Homeopathy improves and they feel “ better in themselves” & able to move with the flow of life expected & unexpected events in a smooth & constructive way.


Case study – Fathers and sons – Jonathan Hardy MA BM MFHom has been practising homeopathy full-time in Hampshire UK since 1985. Ref British Homeopathic Association
A 38 year-old man came to see me several years ago. His chief complaint was moodiness. His bad temper was not only making him unhappy, but also his wife and children. In fact, as is often the case with homeopathic referrals, his wife was the chief motivator behind him seeking treatment with me. His was quite a familiar story.
“I was brought up in a very Victorian home, with a Forces background. It was very strict and disciplinarian and that’s the way I tend to be with my children, and it creates so much friction with my wife. I can’t communicate with my children – I see my eldest son, who is 12, as a threat to the way I want to run the house. My wife’s always telling me off for frowning – I focus so intensely I find it very difficult to relax.”
This man also had epilepsy with occasional fits which would always begin with cramping in the right hand which would progress to a tonic-clonic convulsion. This led me to the homeopathic remedy Cuprum, which fitted his personality very well. Cuprum individuals tend to be serious and intense. Cuprum is a major remedy for cramps and convulsions, but Cuprum people tend to be cramped emotionally as well. They are both self-critical and critical of others. Someone needing Cuprum has a feeling of being attacked and having to defend oneself and of beginning to lose his strength and control. As a result, there is a great need to maintain order through rules and regulations. The remedy solved many problems, both physically and emotionally, for him and family life became much better. He said to me: “I’ve started to bond with my children and not see them as a threat!”

Condition: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)


How you found homeopathy.

My Doctor told me I had to learn to live with CFS and this was not acceptable to me. He had minimsl options and nothing that would help. I saw a Homeopath and within a year I was back to being in good health again and have been ever since.

How it benefited you or your family.

It cured me of CFS within a year, when my GP told me I had to learn to live with CFS

Other Health Issues which men have sought Homeopathic support for –

The following is a list of some health issues that a man may be experiencing.

  • Autoimmune illnesses – arthritis, MS
  • Emotional issues – fears, anxiety, depression, prolonged grief, angry outbursts
  • Heart conditions
  • Respiratory illnesses – asthma, shortness of breath, chronic sinuses
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Digestive issues – bloating, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhoea, indigestion
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Allergies – seasonal, food, hay fever
  • Chronic colds and coughs
  • Urinary and bladder infections, painful or difficult urination
  • Muscular aches and pain
  • Memory loss, loss of concentration, restlessness
  • Not recovered from an injury, PTSD Post Afghanistan, anxiety

Healing With Homeopathy

It doesn’t matter how a man finds homeopathy, it is good that the man seeks to support is health. If you, or a man who you love is having a health concern, please look into how homeopathy can be of help to you. Either contact me here through this blog, or my e-mail -& ask for PDF Brochure on ”Men & Homeopathy” which explains a little more how Homeopathic medicine works .
Additionally I offer a 15 minute complimentary “Find out more” about Homeopathy call – Contact 07 3368 1300 to book-in