When Antibiotics Dont Do the Job Homeopathy Heals – APRIL 2016 – BLOG – AUDE SAPERE

When Antibiotics Dont Do the Job Homeopathy Heals – APRIL 2016 – BLOG – AUDE SAPERE

Antibiotics can be very helpful and are very much needed at times. Sometimes though, antibiotics are not helpful or healing for the person. It may be that after using them, the person is not doin

Some examples of when & how Homeopathy has helped after antibiotics

1) Pateint A  – On-going cough – Pateint A had not being feeling well for a long while. She had a lingering cough, which was aggravated when she spoke. She had used western medication to help, specifically antibiotics. They had not helped her. When this all started, she did not contact her homeopath. She waited several months later to do so, since she was very involved with family members and their health care. Once she saw her homeopath, she started to do better.

2) Patient B – Blocked Ears – Patient B was experiencing a sensation of fullness in her ear. She said her ear felt very plugged up. This happened after having a cold. She went to her doctor to have the ear looked at. Her doctor said the ear was inflamed and had fluid inside. Antibiotics were prescribed. My patient was going to be flying soon, and was concerned about the ear, so she started the antibiotics. After one day, she had a severe adverse reaction to the antibiotics, and discontinued using them. We took a closer look at how she experienced the plugged ear, giving a homeopathic remedy that helped her. She took her trip and was fine.

3) Patient C – Painful ears – Patient C a young girl who experienced congestion and discomfort in his ear, had received course after course of antibiotics for an ear infection. She would be better for four weeks after a course of antibiotics, and then the same symptoms would return. This happened 4 – 5 times. With homeopathic care, she did much better. There was no return of the symptoms, and she didn’t need to take another course of antibiotics.

4) Patient D  – Abcess in scar tissue – Patient D a woman experienced an abscess in scar tissue that was the result of a laparoscopy performed years ago. She had never had any difficulties with the scar tissue before. When the abscess first started, she didn’t seek homeopathic care. As it got worse, becoming inflamed, painful, swollen, and red, she went to the dermatologist, actually to have the abscess drained, and was proscribed antibiotics. The abscess cleared up. About 14 months later, when she was having homeopathic care, not for the abscess, but for her (the totality), the abscess returned. She cared for the area, using hot compresses and taking good care of herself. The abscess resolved and she was much better. Her use of antibiotics may have been suppressive. Using homeopathy helped heal both the abscess and the whole of her.

I invite you to contact me if you have a situation in which antibiotics have not helped:
The area or symptoms have not resolved at all.
You needed to take many courses of antibiotics and are still not better.
You have felt worse after taking them.

Homeopathy can be of help to you. Contact me here on this blog or through my website www.Janelindsay.com.au email Jane Jane@janelindsay.com.au