Allergies – APRIL 2016 – BLOG AUDE SAPERE

Allergies – APRIL 2016 – BLOG AUDE SAPERE

An increasing number of people, children & adults are suffering with allergies:
•    They experience sneezing, itchy nose and ears, eyes watering and tearing, nasal and   sinus congestion, difficulty breathing, closing off of the windpipe, stomach aches, diarrhea, itchy skin, or skin eruptions.
•    The allergic reaction can be from dust, cat dander, pollen, foods (milk, nuts, peanuts, shellfish, strawberries), clothing, bees, mosquitoes, toxins in our environment, latex, and medicines (Penicillin, Sulfa, Erythromycin).
•    It can be a one time event, as in a bee sting, eating a certain food, or using a certain medicine. From that time on, exposure to these substances are avoided.
•    For some, the allergic reaction can be life threatening, such as with a food allergy,  like peanuts or shellfish.
•    The allergic reaction could be seasonal, occurring at a particular time of year, such as spring time with hay fever. But they can also occur periodically during other seasons.
•    People watch their diets, avoiding the foods that they are allergic to or have a sensitivity to.
•    Babies may show an allergy/sensitivity to some foods, such as milk and other dairy products. A reaction may manifest as having digestive issues, nasal congestion and/or eczema, which may continue through their childhood and adult years.
(If there is the potential of a life threatening allergic reaction, it is always good to avoid being exposed to that substance, and to be prepared if there is a reaction by using  western medications and treatments. It is always good to be vigilant, cautious, and pro-active about the allergy, especially if it is life threatening.)
Healing With Homeopathy
I have noticed in my practice that people who experience allergies, have been experiencing them for many years. The allergy usually seems to affect the person at a certain time of the year. Someone may have come in for homeopathic care for a particular health concern, not necessarily allergies, and as they are healing the allergies are also getting better. They are not having the periodical/seasonally reaction. Or, their sensitivity to a certain food becomes less. Homeopathy is always addressing the whole person, and that is what heals, the whole person. As the person becomes healthier, the sensitivity/allergy becomes less bothersome.
One patient of mine experiences a seasonal skin eruption during the February/March months. The skin eruptions were on both of her arms and was extremely itchy. As she was healing with homeopathy, each year this skin eruption became less and less. This last time, the skin eruption was on one of the arms and was not itchy at all.
I invite you to see how homeopathy can be of help to you. Either contacts me here on this blog or through my website I would be happy to talk with you. I offer a 15+ minute complimentary Get Acquainted Call – Contact reception 07 3368 1300 to book a time or e-mail me

Treating Allergies with Homeopathy – Patient Testimonial

We have two children Zachary aged three and Rosie aged eighteen months and they have multiple food and chemical allergies.  Until recently Zachary carried an epi-pen.

When Zachary was born he failed to grow on breastmilk and suffered from constant vomiting, we looked to the NHS (UK Healthcare)  for help and in our hearts we suspected intolerance to Lactose (even Human lactose).  Unfortunately the NHS did not share our view and carried out many tests on Zachary, some of them intrusive, until we insisted that a non-dairy formula be prescribed (neocate).

Once on this formula Zachary thrived and grew normally but continued to experience allergic reactions to all of the foods we introduced during the weaning process, the only food he could tolerate was Organic Rice.

During our second pregnancy (Rosie) Ashley attended a session on Homeopathy run by Jane Lindsay, this was a revelation to us.  For a long time we had no faith in the NHS and ‘conventional’ medicine as it relied on pumping the body full of chemicals, when you have a child with multiple food allergies this made no sense to us.

What drew us to Homeopathy was the principle that by providing the body with a gentle nudge in the right direction the body could heal itself and thus become stronger in the process.  This was ideal as we have also chosen to not immunise our children as it seems crazy to give a young child a disease at such an early age, actually weakening their immune system

Before Homeopathy a typical reaction for Zachary would last a period of three to four hours of screaming followed by four weeks of problems like stomach cramps and constipation.  Since we now use homeopathy a typical reaction can be over within one hour, if we spot the symptoms early and give Zachary the appropriate remedy.

Zachary has accepted Homeopathy to the extent that he can tell us which remedy he needs when he does not feel good. Since we started using homeopathy Zachary’s list of safe foods has increased ten-fold and now has a complete and balanced diet, he is a really healthy strong boy full of energy and life.  Zachary would not be here without the use of Homeopathy.

Jane has been wonderful in giving us the tools to look after our family’s health as well as providing ongoing help and support, we even called her from the USA whilst on holiday.  We count Jane as one of our friends.  Our whole family has benefited from Homeopathy. Ashley has overcome infertility and we are pregnant with our third child.  Rosie has overcome some potential menstrual problems that she would have experienced later in life.  Stephen has overcome emotional issues relating to some major life changes.I cannot imagine a life without homeopathy, it works.
My family is strong, healthy and happy and I recommend Homeopathy to everyone.

Thank you SH 07