What does a Homeopath do?

What does a Homeopath do?

So what exactly does a homeopath do?
Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the German physician who developed homeopathy describes what a homeopath does in Aphorism #3 of THE ORGANON. (The picture included here is of Wenda Brewster O’Reilly’s translation of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s THE ORGANON.)
APHORISM #3  – “To be a genuine practitioner of the medical art, a physician must:
1. Recognise what is to be cured in diseases, that is, in each single case of disease (discernment of the disease, indicator),
2. Recognise what is curative in medicines, that is, in each particular medicine (knowledge of medicinal powers),
3. Be aware of how to adapt what is curative in medicines to what he has discerned to be undoubtedly disease in the patient, according to clear principles.”

What does a Homeopath do?
The homeopath sees, understands, observes, listens, witnesses the patient’s suffering, providing a sacred space for the patient to “tell their story”. From this, the homeopath knows what the suffering is and what needs to be cured in the patient. This is “discernment of the disease powers“.

The homeopath knows the homeopathic medicines. Knows their curative and healing actions. This is “knowledge of medicinal powers“.
With knowing and understanding both the suffering of the patient and the homeopathic medicines, the homeopath matches a homeopathic medicine to that of the suffering of the patient. The main principle of homeopathy is Like Cures Like or the Law of Similars. Homeopathy means similar (homeo) suffering (pathy). This is “according to clear principles”.

Homeopathy is Healing
Each person is seen as the unique individual they are. The homeopath is witnessing the patient’s symptoms, their complaints and their suffering; understanding what their experience of the suffering is for them; and giving the homeopathic medicine that is similar to this.

The Art & Science of Homeopathy is simple, effective and healing.
I am always happy to speak with anyone about their disease suffering and  how homeopathic medicine that is similar to their suffering may be healing for them.

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