Homeopathy to help growing pains in children

Growing up can be a challenge. As parents, while our minds might automatically leap to exams, the perils of learning to drive or the onset of the delightful angst-y moods, we sometimes forget the challenges that come along with physically growing! Clothes fit one moment and are too small the next, your kids start eating you out of house and home, the amount of sleep they need reminds you of sleeping beauty (only with more attitude)…

If you have children, chances are you’re experiencing growing “pains” right at this very second.

From the moment your child is born and throughout their adolescent years, your child will experience periods of surging growth. During puberty especially, we experience major growth spurts as our bodies prepare for adulthood.

But, while your kids might be tall enough to have you tilting your head up to tell them to tidy their room, they’re still your babies at heart. It’s natural, and essential, during these periods of rapid growth to strive to ensure they are getting enough support.


Common Signs Your Child is Experiencing a Growth Spurt

When your child is going through a growth spurt, they may find themselves feeling more tired or hungry than usual, and may experience the odd headache. However, one of the most common symptoms of a growth spurt is experiencing growing pains. While growing pains are nothing to fear, they can be worrisome – especially if your child doesn’t know why they’re happening. So, what are they?

Symptoms of growing pains:

  • Aches and pains in the legs, usually the calves or front of the thigh
  • The pain fluctuates
  • Aches become worse during the evening or night
  • Moving the legs doesn’t make the pain go away (it doesn’t impact the joints)

Everyone experiences this childhood right-of-passage a little differently. While one child may only have a dull ache every now and then, another may be woken up during the night due to the pain. While growing pains won’t cause limping or stop them from playing, they can be quite annoying for your child to go through.

Going through growing pains is a completely normal part of growing up. But, if you have any concerns about your child’s health, it’s always a good idea to pay a visit to your local healthcare professional to get them checked out.


How to Support Your Child through a Growth Spurt

No parent likes seeing their child uncomfortable, much less in pain. There are a number of ways that you can help your child through the achy nights of growing pains:

A major Homeopathic remedy & tissue salt for growing pains is Calc Phos. Calc phos comes into usefulness at any time in life when nutrition and growth are especially important. It is therefore a major remedy for infants, children at times like dentition and at puberty when there is accelerated growth. You can find more information here.

Massage the Painful Area
Use a massage oil or moisturiser to make massaging easier on the skin. You could also try a natural muscular ache and pain reliever such as Arnica cream to help take the edge off.

Use Heat
Use a hot wheat pack on the achy area or draw a nice hot bath for your child to help relieve the pain.

Stretch It Out
Do some wind-down yoga with your child before bed. This will help them to relax, take their mind off the pain as well as stretch out their sore legs.

Pain Relief
If your little one is having a hard time with their growing pains, take them off to your local healthcare professional to discuss some potential pain relief options you could try out.

The Role of Vitamins and Minerals in Growth and Development
During the early years of life, vitamins and minerals play a huge role in a child’s healthy growth and development. Especially during times of rapid growth, it’s vital that your child is getting their fill of vitamins and minerals from a well balanced diet. But, despite your best efforts, sometimes your child’s diet just doesn’t cut it. They might be going through a period of fussy eating, they may have been ill or have food sensitivities – any of these can disrupt their regular balanced diet.

When your child’s vitamin and mineral intake is inadequate, Calcium, Zinc & Magnesium supplementation may be useful together with individualised Homeopathic support, as well as specific Tissue Salts to support bone growth & strength.

Calcium helps to:

  • Support bone strength by assisting healthy bone growth and development, as well as providing structure and strength to the skeleton
  • Support bone mineralisation by maintaining bone density and integrity
  • Support healthy muscle contraction and function

Magnesium is crucial to your child’s diet, and is a powerful player in the game of growth. Magnesium supports bone health by assisting healthy bone growth and development in children. It can:

  • Maintain and support the health of your child’s cardiovascular system
  • Support energy production

Zinc is essential to helping support the health and well being of your child & supports bone, eye and skin health. It can:

  • Reduce free radical formation within the body
  • Support cognitive and nervous system function
  • Maintain a healthy immune system

Would you like to learn more about how you can help support your child’s healthy growth and development? Contact Jane by clicking here.