Sleep Support with Living Tree Orchid Essences

It is no secret that sleep plays a vital role in our mental health, physical health, and quality of life. A good nights sleep is necessary to function in daily activities. Despite this, many of us are not getting the quality sleep to truly receive the full health benefits of being well rested.

Our Living Tree Orchid Essence range contains several beautiful essences which may help to promote deep & peaceful sleep.

Gentle Sleep
Gentle Sleep is an enhanced version of Gentle Geisha, with the addition of the essence of Rhododendron griffithianum, made by Don in Achamore Gardens. Rhod. griffithianum produced a deeply calming, relaxing and peaceful essence. Gentle Sleep helps one to achieve a deeper and more relaxed sleep. This combination remains year-after-year one of our most popular essences of choice. Find more information about how Gentle Sleep can help you get a good nights rest here.

Sleep of Peace
Sleep of peace helps to promote deeper and longer-lasting sleep, but in a different manner from our combination Gentle Sleep. Sleep of Peace is a combination which was originally arrived at by one of our therapist customers, who found these 8 orchid essences when combined helped her sleep pattern considerably. More research on this combination was then done by Dr. Brito-Babapulle and IFER, both to see how it could be made to optimum potency for most people, as well as to understand more fully how it is helping sleep. More information about our Sleep of Peace essence is available here.

Gentle Geisha
This combination is excellent for unwinding at the end of the day. This essence helps to calm the overly-active mind, bringing one – very gently, graciously – back into one’s body. Imagine sinking one’s head down into a soft silk cushion, and allow the energies of these three beautiful orchids to soothe and nurture you. Find Gentle Geisha here.

Which of our three sleep essences is best for one will depend on the individual. The challenges to our sleep patterns these days (technological and psychological) are so prevalent, that it makes sense for us to offer these three options for people to choose from.

Gentle Sleep Aura Spray
Gentle sleep is also available in a spray form with Chamomile & Rose Otto. Spray on your pillow, over your head, on your body & feel your body & mind dissolve into a peaceful sleep. This easy to spray addition has helped many families have a good night’s rest, as it is perfect for children too. This Spray combines essences of “Behold the Silence”, “Purity of Heart”, “Boundless Peace” & “Unconditional Snuggles” to help achieve a deeper & more relaxed sleep.

Find out more about our many Living Tree Orchid Essences and how they can help you at Healing Orchids. We provide a Find your Essence tool to help you in your search for the perfect essences for you and your family.