Headache & Migraine – Homeopathy Heals

Headache & Migraine – Homeopathy Heals

Many people suffer with headaches and migraines.  Headaches can be extremely debilitating and very painful making every day activities of work, taking care of their family, and just living very difficult.

Often, the person needs to take time off from work, and lay down in a quiet, dark room. The flare ups of these headaches can last for a few days, and can occur weekly.
People use many different kinds of medications for their headaches, often labelling some of them as their ” hard core meds”.  These medications may lessen the pain and the length of time of the headache, but the headaches still occur. There is no healing. This is just managing and helping the person get through the headache.

Common Characteristics of Headaches
Many different things may trigger headaches; from ingesting certain foods and drink; being around different scents and smells; being around loud noises or bright lights; changes in climate and weather; changes in altitude; drinking too much or too little coffee; an emotional upset; some kind of allergic reaction; being around smoke, and more. They talk about the type of headache – a sinus headache; a hormonal headache, coming on when the woman has her period or is going through menopause; and a sick stomach headache. Other symptoms are mentioned that are also present with the headache: nausea and vomiting, vision and hearing difficulties, vertigo, emotional changes, depression, bodily aches and pains.

The pain can be described as throbbing, constant, stabbing, squeezing, piercing, drawing, twisting, or in other ways. A particular side of the head may be more prominent, and the pain may move around the head. And, some people mention that they have a sense right before the headache comes on, like an aura type feeling, or a particular smell or other sensitivity.
These are just some of the characteristics that people experience with their headache. You can see how different headaches can be.

Homeopathy Heals Headaches
There are the common symptoms that most people experience when having a headache, and, there are the particular symptoms that an individual has that is unique to them. The latter is what the homeopath wants to find out more about. By listening, observing, and understanding the what, and the how of this person’s headache, the homeopath selects a homeopathic remedy that is similar to this suffering. This homeopathic remedy stimulates the person’s own healing.

Your Headache?
What is your headache like?  How does it bother you? This may be the time to see how homeopathy can be of help to you, and to heal your headache and to heal you.

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