Skin complaints, exam stress, cat complaints & exercise – October Newsletter

Skin complaints, exam stress, cat complaints & exercise – October Newsletter

Spring has arrived, the mornings are lighter & it’s time to get outside & exercise! See Article 5 from WHO for the significance of exercise & the importance of Vitamin D. It’s also exam time for many, see articles 2 & 3 for ideas on how to support your child/teenager during these stressful times.

We often receive enquiries about how to support Pets with Homeopathy. See article 4 on “Cats in Crisis” for an example of how Homeopathy may come to the rescue!

This year, you will get a My Health Record unless you opt out. If you don’t want a My Health Record, complete the online process by 15 November 2018. You will need your Medicare card and drivers licence (or other identification) to complete the opt-out process. Find out more here.

If you would like to learn more on how to prescribe for everyday ailments & common health complaints, do join us for our next “Homeopathy for the Home” workshop, which will take place on Wednesday 14th November from 9.30am at Bardon Counselling & Natural Therapy Centre.

Woodford Folk Festival runs annually from 27 December – 1 January. This year I shall be speaking at The Blue Lotus on The Global rise in anti-microbial resistance & what alternatives there are to routine antibiotics as well as participating on a panel discussion on The Future of Complimentary Medicine in Australia. Find out more about Woodford Folk Festival here.

If you have a view on Complimentary Medicine or experience to share please email

We receive many wonderful testimonials on how Homeopathic Medicine has helped individuals & families with a wide range of health complaints. This month I’d like to share a mother’s observations on how her young daughter’s skin complaint responded to Homeopathic treatment, see article 1. There are many skin complaints which may respond well to Homeopathic Medicine. To find out more Call 07 33688 1300 for a complimentary 15 min introduction to Homeopathy.

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