Six ways to practice self-care when life gets busy

A holistic approach to health means living with your health in mind every single day. When life gets busier, we sadly have a tendency to forget about looking after ourselves and we face feeling run down, stressed or anxious as a result.

Taking a few minutes out just for yourself every day can be incredibly beneficial in helping you to feel balanced and prepared to tackle the challenges of the day. It’s important we remember to do this, especially during the busy times of year, so here are some ways you can practice self-care in fifteen minutes or less…

Rise and Shine
Wake up 15 minutes earlier than usual and use this time to make a cup of tea and sit in peace and quiet enjoying it. Take these moments to savour the silence and plan your day ahead of you.

Fresh Air
At lunch time, instead of hurrying back to work or doing house work in between errands, go for a walk around the block. A quick little 10-minute dose of sunshine, Vitamin D and fresh air will help you to feel balanced and connected with nature.

Before you go to sleep or while you have that cup of tea in the morning, reflect on the things you are grateful for. Practicing daily gratitude is a wonderful way to boost your mood and put you in a positive mind set.

With educational Podcasts, Blogs and Books around and easily accessible, it is easier to learn now than ever before. Science has shown that we are happiest when we are learning, developing and growing, so take 15 minutes out of your day to learn something new and nurture your mind.

When did you last stop and take a big, deep breath with your eyes closed? Breathing exercises are a wonderful way to feel grounded – especially when life is busy. It’s a form of meditation and can take anywhere from one minute up to do and will have a big difference in the way you feel.

Do something little
Everyone has little happiness boosters unique to them; lighting a candle, buying fresh flowers, stretching before bed or listening to a favourite song are some common little happiness boosters. Doing one of these things every day or two are acts of self-love – they’re things that make you happy in a way completely unique to you.

A little tip to help you fit more of the above in is to keep a diary or make note in your calendar of what you do every day. 

What self-care acts do you practice regularly?