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The Orchid Beauty Facial Moisturiser has the following orchid essences: Rising to the Call of Beauty and White Beauty.



This facial moisturiser has the following physical ingredients: Spring water, Apricot oil, Borage oil, emulsifier, Shea butter, Avocado oil, preservative ‘K’, glycerine, Vitamin A, a hint of carotene, and wheat-free & GM-free Vitamin E.

The Orchid Beauty Facial Moisturiser has the following orchid essences:Rising to the Call of Beauty and White Beauty. There is also Clearing the Way / Self Belief, to help one bring a quietly confident face to the world. And we have added Just Me, and Purity of Soul. It comes in a 50 ml Miron (dark violet glass) jar. There are 10 drops of mother tincture of each of these 5 orchid essences in every litre of the cream.