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This combination seems to reach deep back in our psyche, to that level where we resonate with our past lives and karmic ‘baggage’, and seems to help us find peace and calm.



This combination has 4 of the orchids in it,: Secret Wisdom , Pushing Back the Night., True Connections and Celebrations. Amongst other interesting points to note, three of the 4 are the orchids with the longest petals in our range.

Together, these 4 essences, with essence of 24kt Gold helping, seem to reach deep back in our psyche, to that level where we resonate with our past lives and karmic ‘baggage’, and seems to help us find peace and calm in relation to whatever of these issues may have been causing us stress.

One very good prover wrote: On taking the first thing I noticed was a sweet pleasant taste in my mouth. Next I was shown a great bank of storm clouds that were harmful to me and they were being pushed away. This was followed by the opening of the crown chakra and ‘connection to the hall of records’ (I was given these words though I am not sure what they mean). Next I was walking on a brightly lit, but very narrow pathway which felt like a bridge. Everything around me was very dark, but then I noticed it wasn’t quite dark, there were a lot of very fine silver threads attached to me that were trying to pull me off the path in different directions. I watched as they snapped and dropped away. The effort of walking along this path was suddenly reduced to where it became effortless. I turned and looked behind me and realised that this path was my life. I could see a long way back, but when I looked forward I saw that there was only a small portion left. I felt a momentary regret and knew that I had to make the most of what was left, but the part in front was shining so much brighter than what was behind. So, although what is left is a smaller portion it could well be the best because I will be free to do what I should be doing. I was left feeling eager to get on with it and really happy.

Another fine prover reported: I am immediately aware that my energy is strongly expanding on either side of my body. This energy is strong, solid and stable and I picture it as slabs of stone that extend out about 2 feet from either side. They reach from the ground to my shoulders. It’s like having 2 tall gravestones extending out from my sides.  Once that is in place a golden laurel-leaf circlet appears about 4-5 feet above my head. I also see that, from the circlet, golden rays of light arch down to join the extended energy on either side of me. The whole visual is in the shape of an archway. There is such a sense of gold, gold medals, gold light that it all feels very Olympian. I think that it makes me an Olympian. I realise the energy to either side of my body could be like the award podium and either side is space for the people in 2nd and 3rd place, but yet again I see no other people here. And I do not get any sense that I have just won a race or competition, it is more like I just feel an awareness of my inner strength and I feel good about myself, like I am a winner in all of life. I feel important, but not in an arrogant way. I know everyone is also important I am just very aware that it feels good.