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This Aura Spray combines Angelic Canopy & Pushing Back the Night in a powerful space clearing & cleansing spray.


This Aura Spray combines “Angelic Canopy” & “Pushing Back the Night” in a powerful space clearing & cleansing spray.

This Aura Spray has all the qualities of our Original “Angelic Canopy” spray – it releases tension, is “balm for the troubled soul” & comforts those without hope or who are in despair. With the addition of “Pushing Back the Night” it gives a greater depth to its therapeutic effect in clearing & releasing deep held negative karma or removing such karma that comes in through exposure to specific situations & circumstances.

It is also an extra-strength space-clearing spray, bringing a cleansing to office or home even when there are very dark energies confronting one. Brings a very reassuring, positive and strong light to the space. Use the Essence drops as well  if there are energies within a person which need clearing out, for example if there has been any history of drug abuse.

Available in Frankincense, Sandlewood & Grapefruit. 

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