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Healing Orchids Australia
My experience of LTOE goes back about 6 years when contacting Don for a supply of Bush Flower Travel essence for a number of business trips for my husband and myself. Hhe suggested I tried a new Orchid essence “Being in Time”. Within Classical Homeopathy, (the principal of 1 remedy and wait/less is more predominates and whilst there are homeopathic remedies for “Jet Lag” and travel, I often prefer to give specific support with flower essences which work at a different and complimentary vibrational level.

These Orchid drops worked so beautiful for our travelling enabling us both to physically and emotionally enabling us to “arrive” at our destination. The “Being in Time” essence has continued to work for all our long haul flights, including our most recent migration here to Australia, helping us to adjust immediately to new time zones, without the usually experienced “flagging”. Today there is also a combination essence “Being Present”, which combines “Being in Time” and “Walking to the Earth’s rhythm”. This also helps “arrive” both physically and emotionally at our destination. It works well too in therapeutic situations.

During my final stages of late night studying for my homeopathic qualifications, I was to discover the therapeutic benefits of other combinations of these beautiful orchids including:

“Double Espresso” – Works better than the extra shot of coffee, infact replaces any need for coffee at all!

“Vital Lift” – The following morning would give be a sense of calm and centeredness as well as a much needed boost of energy after many late nights of studying.

“Party time/Mardi Gras” – A combination of “Carnival” and “Laughing Butterflies” – Is pure delight/nectar – a facilitator of unwinding and relaxing, coming out of a cerebral/study mode where the intellect dominates and moving away from stress.

Once qualified as a Homeopath, I found myself increasingly being drawn back to the Orchids and selecting specific ones for patients in between “constitutional classical homeopathic prescribing”. Many of these essences resonant at high energy levels and I have found compliment the homeopathic process and personal healing/journey in a very dynamic way.

It was not until last September 08 that I managed to make the trip up to the stunning Isle of Gigha, where Don Dennis is now based. It was the most wonderful of experiences to spend 10 days in the company of likeminded therapists discovering the many facets, faces and energies of these Healing Orchids. A great bonus was to have Natalie with us on the programme; Natalie was involved with Don and others in many of the original essence making and particularly in Narnia Sphagnum Moss – see specific write up. We were also blessed with an Indian Summer; cycled to beaches, swam in the sea and were taken to the main mountain on the island. www.achamorehouse.com

To see the Orchids in the greenhouse at Gigha was also a special time; I think one night I even wanted to sleep in the hot section but was advised against this! – Instead I’ve arrived to live in Brisbane at the hottest and most humid time of year!

A month after Gigha, I came down to Australia, to see family on the Gold Coast and look at possible schools for our children here in Brisbane for 2010. We had applied for a migration visa earlier in the year and were told to expect it not to be granted until June 2009. Our Visa arrived the day after I set foot back in the UK; our journey “Down Under” was in full motion and after a swift departure and passing on of Homeopathic practice; we arrived in January, in time for the academic school year.

I am personally very excited to be bringing the Orchids into Australia and NZ. I would encourage anyone interested in using them to contact me –  jane@healingorchids.com.au and if ever in Europe to make the trip to Gigha and attend Don’s workshop.

I hope at some point to be able to offer some training/general workshops for therapists here in Australia/NZ wanting to find out more about the Healing Orchids. Please register if you are interested in this. In the meantime enjoy our web-site as you walk amoungst some of the most amazing flowers, each with its own character, energetic essence and particular focus of healing.

Jane Lindsay LicWSH RSHom