Homeopathy in Pregnancy – Patient Testimonial

Jane has been a great help to me throughout the many phases of my pregnancy.  I was having a mixed bag of symptoms and Jane helped me to sort through and address each one in turn.  In the first trimester we tried some remedies for nausea but I was also having headaches and feeling very fatigued so Jane prescribed a constitutional remedy and in just a few days the headaches disappeared and I started to feel more balanced and able to cope with the day to day tasks again.


Later in the pregnancy I had some anxiety and fear surface around having my second baby and the hospital interfering with my desire for a natural birth.  I was experiencing strong emotions that I thought I had dealt with but it got to the point where I felt I needed help to sort through them and Jane prescribed a series of 3 remedies, each with a specific purpose and I was truly amazed at the transformation that took place over the few weeks I was taking the remedies.  I actually felt myself open up emotionally and face each of my fears –  it is hard to put into words but it felt almost spiritual.


I’m now in the last few weeks of my pregnancy and feeling very positive and calm about the birth.  I most recently saw Jane a week ago about a mysterious skin irritation that presented with some other symptoms all indicating that my body was trying to detoxify a type of metal that I had been exposed to.  The skin inflammation was burning and very painful so I was quite desperate when I saw Jane.  She prescribed another remedy and later that night it had started it’s magic.  I woke the next morning to find the burning completely gone and the itching and redness cleared up over the next few days.  Since discovering homeopathy I have been so amazed by it’s power I’ve been telling all my friends and family ‘you have to go and see Jane’.

ES Nov 2010

Post-Partum – Testimonial

“Jane came with the recommendation of one of my own clients. I was two weeks post partum with my second child and had my fourth stint of mastitis. I knew that the mastitis I was experiencing was not due to feeding or attachment issues. I was able to drain each mastitis within 10 hours or so, but the reoccurrence of pain and a high temperature drained me considerably.

I knew that my mastitis was a signal of my body trying to tell me something. Hence I wasn’t looking for a remedy to treat the mastitis, but I was looking for someone who was able and willing work with the underlying emotional patterns that I suspected to be at the root of the problem.

During our first phone conversation Jane reassured me that classical homeopathy was able to work with the underlying patterns of my mastitis as well as give symptomatic relieve if needed. Throughout our first consultation Jane listened carefully to my story and emotions. She was able to succinctly extract what was important and gave me the first remedy. Within days of taking the remedy my emotional beliefs and patterns began to shift considerably. I was able to recognize and let go of many issues.  I am left with a much clearer view of how I want to be as a mother and feel much more relaxed about nurturing myself and my children. With the emotional shift which included letting go of self blame and guilt my reoccurring mastitis stopped immediately.

I am convinced of the efficacy of classical homeopathy – having experienced it myself. However it also relies on good listening skills to pick up the important nuances of a person. My experience with Jane is that she is a very good listener, has a warm, friendly nature about herself and certainly was able to respond with the right remedies each time I came.”

SB Jan 2010