Newsletter – Summer 2011

Question: Since our house flooded & we had to evacuate I’ve not been able to sleep, I’m anxious all the time & unable to
relax. What can Homeopathy do to help?
Answer: Following any major shock or trauma the body & mind may respond with physical & or emotional symptoms,
which until addressed will continue in their altered state.
Sleeplessness is a very common situation following major trauma. Other causes of sleeplessnessinclude anxiety, excitement and on-going stress. Homeopathic remedies are a good way to help relieve some of the causes of sleeplessness, and can also be used to help to induce sleep.

Please contact me for further information or a local Hoemoapth to help.


Question: I’ve had severe swelling from bee stings and mosquito bites. Am I allergic?

Answer: I am often asked by patients about localized swelling at the site of an insect sting or bite. Some people are convinced that they have a “severe allergy” to mosquito bites because of the localized swelling that occurs as a result. Others are concerned about a possible “life-threatening reaction” to bee stings because the last time they were stung on the foot, their foot swelled to the point of not being able to put on their shoe.

The truth is, however, that neither of the above examples is considered dangerous. Local reactions to insect stings and bites, meaning that the symptoms of swelling, itching, rash or pain, only occur at or immediately around the site of the bite or sting. These reactions are very common with mosquito bites and bee/wasp/hornet/yellow jacket stings, and may or may not be caused by allergies.

Homeopathic remedies can be useful for relieving the pain and swelling of insect bites and stings. If a person is allergic to the venom of a stinging insect, or if a bite is from a poisonous spider, emergency medical attention is needed right away. (Remedies can still be used, to reduce the early trauma and to help recovery.)

There are many Homeopathic remedies which are useful “first-aid” remedies for bites & stings however, it is always advisable to discuss any new treatment program with your healthcare practitioner & in the event of severe reaction always seek professional medical help & assistance immediately.

The Homoepath will be able to select the remedy that most closely matches the physical & emotional symptoms to qucikly help alleviate pain, irritation & inflammation.

Jellyfish Stings

Jellyfish stings are very painful and can sometimes be very deadly depending on the kind of jellyfish that delivers the sting. More than 500,000 people are stung by jellyfish per year, according to a foundation study.

For the most part jellyfish stings are mostly painful; however, there are some stings that are fatal. You should seek first aid treatment immediately, if you are ever stung by a jellyfish.

The deadliest jellyfish in our ocean today is called the Box jellyfish. It’s located in the waters of Australia and Asia. The sting from a Box jellyfish accounts for thousands of deaths every year. Many of these people die before they ever reach the shoreline. The venom from this deadly jellyfish enters the body and immediately begins to attack the nervous system, heart and skin cells.

These stings can cause a lot of symptoms and problems if they are venomous. The most serious problem from the stings may cause anaphylaxis and render one to be paralyzed. Treatment for these things can range from home remedies to more advance life support treatments.

Jellyfish stings are very painful. You leave the water immediately and seek help if you are ever stung.

Next, seek help right away. Tell someone immediately that you were stung by a jellyfish. Homeopathic remedies mentioned above, such as Apis (intense swelling/Cellulitis), Urticaria Urens & Cantharis (intense burning) may help alleviate pain whilst professional help is sought.

Jellyfish stings can mostly be treated with white vinegar. It’s acidic and acts to deactivate the nematocysts of the jellyfish. Tentacles from the jellyfish should be removed as soon as possible and white vinegar should be poured on the affected area. Vinegar alleviates the pain and can prevent additional venom from going inside the body.

The less uncommon remedies out there are the use of meat tenderizer, urine and salt water. These so-called homemade remedies do no work because they each have a low acidic level.

Other substances have been used to reduce the pain of jellyfish stings. Meat tenderizer, sugar, plant juices and baking soda have all been used with varying degrees of success. You can minimize pain with topical ointments with ingredients such as benzocaine.

Flushing the eye with at least one gallon of freshwater should treat eye stings. Mouth stings can be treated by diluted vinegar. Mix this treatment by adding one part vinegar to three parts of water unless there is swelling or difficulty in breathing.

The best thing would be to avoid jellyfish tentacles whenever possible. These tentacles can be very long and trail a long way from the main body. Stay as far away from them as possible. After storms damaged tentacles can be washed ashore and these too can cause severe stinging. Jellyfish washed ashore after a storm might be dead but the tentacles are still able to inflict stings. If you are going to explore the ocean after a severe storm, you should seriously consider wearing a diver’s wet suit for protection.

The box jellyfish’s venom is among the most deadly in the world, containing toxins that attack the heart, nervous system, and skin cells.

Homeopathy for Sunburn

Living in sunny Queensland requires the application of sunscreen as part of our daily regime. There are many wonderful organic products on the market, but even with diligent use we sometimes experience sunburn. First degree burns are typical of mild sunburns, with redness, intense heat, pain and swelling. The upper layer of the skin is damaged and inflamed.

Second degree burns produce blisters (vesicles) and there may be secretion or oozing of fluids from the skin. The use of homeopathy for minor or local burns is as effective, or more so, than over the counter medicines, because it stimulates the healing of the tissue and also has anti-inflammatory effects.

Do not use butters, oils, creams or gels, since they keep the heat in the tissue.

With any burn always seek immediate professional advice.

Homeopathy comes from the Greek words “homios” meaning similar and “pathos” meaning suffering. Similar Suffering. Homeopathic medicine is based on “the Law of Similars” or “like cures like”. This means that the same substance that produces disease symptoms in a healthy person when given in large doses, can also cure a sick person with similar symptoms when given in very diluted doses. Like cures like