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As I head overseas two important and significant matters have come to my attention to share with you:
a) An appeal to assist to secure the future of choice in medicine here in Australia. Your right to choose Natural Therapies, including Homeopathy is under threat. See below article on how you can help and do pass on to others who may be interested.

b) Dates have now been released for the showing “Just One Drop”. Homeopathy has been around for over 200 years and is used by millions worldwide. This film explores the controversy, dispels myths and misconceptions, and asks whether or not homeopathy has been given a fair shake. Help support/host a viewing near you, full details below.

As winter months approach constant coughs & continual colds may persist. Bronchitis is the inflammation of bronchial tubes. The bronchial tubes are the passage through which the air passes from trachea to the lungs. Read below how Homeopathy may help bring relief to the symptoms of bronchitis.

Finally we have further Homeopathy for the home workshops scheduled for August & September and a special w/e of “Homeopathic Trituration”. This is a 2 day workshop making a remedy by trituration taking us to the heart of the Homeopathic process. If you are interested in attending this 2 day workshop please email Jane direct Jane@janelindsay.com.au.


URGENT Appeal to all users of complimentary medicine

If you wish to continue using natural therapies as a part of your life, please consider supporting this campaign.

Currently Australians have the freedom to choose whichever therapy they wish for their health needs. Now, your right to choose natural therapies is under threat and to fight this, we need your help.

In recent years, vested interests have unduly influenced government processes, designed to take the public’s rights away. This will directly affect your right to choose your own therapies, and your healthcare professional. Medicines, services and rebates you currently enjoy using, may be restricted. Imagine not having Arnica to use for injuries, or remedies to treat ear infections when antibiotics don’t help.


In 2015 the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) published a report informing Australians that there is “no reliable evidence” that homeopathy is effective. NHMRC reviews also concluded there is no evidence for any of 16 other natural therapies Australians use every day, including herbal medicine, naturopathy and massage.

A formal investigation into NHMRC’s procedures and methods has revealed research fraud and misconduct www.hri-research.org/?s=nhmrc.

We urgently need funds to challenge this report.

Political Campaign

The natural medicine community needs funds now, to lobby politicians to have this report set aside and to protect the community from further unethical research conduct by taxpayer-funded government institutions.

A complaint to the Commonwealth Ombudsman (see link below) is currently being considered, so at this time, the government needs to hear your voice, as the next three months is crucial. This campaign is designed to help you channel your voice and protect your healthcare rights.

Executive Summary of the Ombudsman Complaint:

Click here to read. This issue is on a knife edge and is likely to be decided upon by the end of August.

So, we would love your urgent support:

You can help by making a tax-deductible donation to the homeopathic charity The Aurum Project at www.givenow.com.au/aurumproject.

*** Enter HOMOEOPATHY CAMPAIGN FUND in the ‘Leave a message why this donation is special to you’ area, at the bottom of the donation page.

Please pass on this message



Just One Drop – Australian Premiere & Regional Showings
Just One Drop Screenings in Australia

State Premieres of Just One Drop are being organised by Branch committees and groups of AHA members in the capital cities.

Laurel Chiten, the film maker, will attend these screenings and conduct Question and Answer sessions.

The following premiere schedule has been organised:

  • Wed, 26 July – The Aurum Project – Sydney Dendy – Opera Quays

  • Thur, 27 July – Sydney

  • Tue, 1 August – Canberra

  • Wed, 2 August – Melbourne

  • Mon, 7 August – Hobart

  • Thur, 10 August – Adelaide

  • Mon, 14 August – Perth

  • Thur, 17 August – Brisbane

Individuals and groups who would like to organise their own screenings are requested to select screening dates that fall after the premiere in their own state.

Click here to see Screenings Step by Step. Now is the time to start your preparations!



Staying healthy with Homeopathy in Winter
Winter months may bring prolonged coughing, difficulty in breathing, discharge of mucus, pain in chest, all these indicate the emergence of a respiratory disorder known as Bronchitis. This respiratory disease is characterised by the inflammation of bronchial tubes. The bronchial tubes are the passage through which the air passes from trachea to the lungs. The acute inflammation of bronchial tubes (Acute Bronchitis) usually follows an episode of cold or influenza caused by viral agents. The cold and influenza affect the upper respiratory system, including nose, sinuses and larynx. In cases of maltreated or neglected cold or influenza, the infection travels in a downward direction and leads to inflammation of bronchial tubes, producing varying symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies for bronchitis maybe of great help in supporting the symptoms of bronchitis & are completely safe, with no side effects. The natural Homeopathic medicines work to strike at the root cause of Bronchitis.

Read more here.



Upcoming Workshops

Homeopathy for the Home Workshops

Forthcoming Dates: Wednesday 16th August & separate day workshop on Wednesday 20th September

Venue: Bardon Counselling & Natural Therapy Centre 151 Boundary Road Bardon 4065

Time: 9.45am – 2.30pm

Fee: $85 to include workbook, mini Materia Medica/remedy information & handouts

Books & Homeopathic Kits available to purchase on the day

Tel: 07 3368 1300 to reserve your place with $20 deposit

Homeopathic Trituration
w/e – Saturday 16th September & Sunday 17th September

Learn how our remedies are made by trituration and be part of this unique & potent experience. Expression of interest to attend to Jane@janelindsay.com.au

Whilst I’m away my Locums are:

a) Susan Blackshaw – Jane’s absence Sue may be contacted for advice & urgent appointments
E: susan@susanblackshaw.com.au
T: 07 3876 2100
M: 0418 716 027

b) Sandra Venables
E: homeopath.sandra@gmail.com
T: 07 5545 0939
M: 0402 423 127

c) Sharon Jones
E: sharontjones1@gmail.com
M: 0409 371 354
T: 07 3378 2672

Alternatively to book in for my return, please visit my website www.Janelindsay.com.au or Facebook Page Jane Lindsay Homeopath. You may also call Bardon clinic on 07 3368 1300.




Bardon Counselling & Natural Therapy Centre, 151 Boundary Road, Bardon | P: 07 3368 1300
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