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What to expect in a homeopathic consultation?

A homeopathic consultation involves an interview where a homeopath investigates in great detail the symptoms experienced by an individual at physical, mental and emotional levels.  This will usually take between 1-1/2  hrs for adults & may be slightly shorter for children. For children and infants, conception and the history of the mother prior to conception may also play a significant factor in prescribing for the infant..

The consultation will elucidates factors, which influence the symptoms for better and worse. Personality traits, idiosyncrasies, past/present life stresses, griefs and hereditary/ family health history are all  factors are investigated into. Sleep patterns, dreams, response to weather, food preferences and hobbies offer important clues to the required remedy. The unique expression of symptoms & how this is experienced by the patient at all levels. Is what will reveal the best indicated remedy to assist the process of healing; This individualized picture is the homeopath’s most important guide to the homeopathic remedy. The picture elicited at the consultation is then meticulously matched with a remedy picture.

The Homeopathic prescription

A homeopath usually studies and analyses the case after the consultation and selects a remedy. Therefore in chronic cases the remedy may be prescribed immediately or a few days later after the consultation. In acute cases remedies are usually prescribed immediately. The remedy selected is then administered in the most suitable dose and potency to the individual. The homeopathic remedy can be obtained from the homeopath or a homeopathic pharmacy.

Follow – up

After a remedy is prescribed a follow up appointment is scheduled after a period of between 2- -6 weeks to monitor the response of the patient to the remedy. Follow up appointments usually take between 30-40 minutes, less time than the first consultation. Even  if you feel entirely better, keeping your follow-up appointment is important for full review & feedback & to ensure health improvements are maintained & the action of the remedy noted.

With the correct homeopathic remedy improvements are experienced at all levels — mental, emotional and physical. If the remedy is incorrect only minor or no change is observed. A different remedy is prescribed in that case. The process of healing depends on how chronic the complaint is, one’s level of vitality, and on the accuracy of the homeopathic prescription itself. With acute problems the improvements are quite rapid. With chronic problems improvements are usually gradual.

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