Healing Orchids & Protecting Patient Choice – July Newsletter

Healing Orchids & Protecting Patient Choice – July Newsletter

We have now passed the shortest day in the Southern Hemisphere and we now move towards spring, a time of regeneration, renewal & expansion. This month we feature our unique range of Living Tree Orchid Essences & Aura Sprays. The Living Tree Orchid Essence range is a range of unique flower essences made entirely from Orchids. These beautiful essences & Aura Sprays we brought down with us to Australia in 2010. Over the past 8 years there have been a further 57 essences added to the range. Click here for updated PDF on these essences. Today patients & practitioners alike benefit from their therapeutic effect. The range is now featured on our main website, find them here. See item one for our range of Aura Sprays.

We shall be holding further workshops & seminars in 2019 on the Orchids, as well as setting up some online introductory talks. If you are interested in these workshops & or webinars please email me Jane@janelindsay.com.au.

A colleague Lucy French who is based in Melbourne, is running regular “Essence Dance” workshops, Dance classes which focus on the healing qualities of flower essences including the Living Tree Orchid Essences. See item 5 below for further information.

Thank you for all who have signed up to the “Your Health Your Choice” Campaign. Australia is now in the global spotlight with support from UK & Europe a further campaign has been launched requesting the “First Report” from the NHMRC review, which was buried.

Release the First Report builds on its sister campaign, “Your Health Your Choice”, launched last summer which achieved huge success, generating over 87,000 signatures in Australia. The formal investigation into NHMRC’s conduct has been going on for almost two years, it is time to show the Australian Government that the world is watching and demand that NHMRC explain themselves. See item 3 for update on what is now a global campaign to support Homeopathy here in Australia.

Yours in Health, Homeopathy & Healing Orchids

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