Andean-Fire-PhragmipediumAs a Homeopathic practitioner & healer we work with patients to meet their individual needs; identifying remedies to match the individual’s symptoms to support their journey of healing, following closely the process which Hahnemann describes throughout “The Organon & Art of Healing.”

For the past 15 years or so I have explored the increasingly significant role which flower essences can play in strengthening the Vital Force and supporting the healing process. In particular the Living Tree Orchid Essences (LTOE) provide an invaluable tool to enhance the therapeutic process & bring harmony to the body, mind & soul.
The Living Tree Orchid Essence Range is a beautiful collection of over 172 Vibrational flower essences & 48 Aura Sprays which combine the Orchid essences with specific essential oils to give enhanced therapeutic benefit.

“HealingOrchids Australia” was established to bring these unique essences to practitioners & patients in Australia & NZ. These Living Tree Orchid Essences are now being used by a range of therapists including Homeopaths, Osteopaths, reflexologists, kinesiologists, as well as NLP& EFT practitioners to enhance the treatment process.
Some of the most commonly used Orchid Essences have assisted following  international disasters to help people recover from the trauma of the earthquake as well supporting relief workers. of LTOE.


So, what makes these essences unique?

  • Made by “etheric infusion” – This process will be shared which requires no cutting of the flower
  • Often made at night, using the moonlight as opposed to traditional methods of “sun infusion”
  • Chakra affinity – each essence has been aligned with specific chakras/ energy centres of the body
  • Organ affinity – each essence has particular affinity with specific organ /organs of the body –these are summarised in our book “Orchid Essence Healing” & can giving opportunity for organ support as we might consider “therapeutic remedies” & or tinctures in Homeopathy
  • Enhancers – LTOE may be used to enhance our every day experiences of life – You do not need to be “unwell” to use Orchid essences – for example “Party Time” helps us unwind at the end of a busy day, combining “Laughing Butterflies” & “Carnival” into an essence which acts on the physical body bringing relaxation


The Living Tree Orchid Essences can also offer patients gentle support to the inner subconscious – opening & releasing blockages to allow energy flow & maximise immediate treatment as well as the on-going process for the patient. One might liken these “Essences” to Homeopathic “miasmatic” remedies in their possibility of clearing deeply engrained patterns which prohibit well-being & often present as blockages.

Flower essences & the LTOE range are not just for use when we’re unwell or seeking specific help – Many may be used as “Enhancers” to help us to experience life at a deeper & more satisfying level. Flower essences may be repeated often & as frequently as the individual feels benefit from them.
These Vibrational flower essences are made on a beautiful Island, the Isle of Gigha which is situated on the western Inner Hebrides of Scotland, UK.

“Being in Grace” – Image below
Being-in-GraceThis essence brings awareness of old emotions which often get buried or swept under the carpet – we know the first stage in any healing is a recognition in the patient of what needs to be healed – the Homeopathic process/consultation reveals that/ offers a mirror to the patient through information & energetic exchange – This essence “Being in Grace” releases deeply held, & repressed emotions.


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