general-health-homeopathyHomeopathy works with your body, stimulating natural healing processes. Homeopathy is a gentle system of medicine, suitable to support many health conditions & imbalances. It is effective because it treats you as an individual. 
Two people with the same condition may have very different symptoms. One person with a fever may be hot and thirsty, while another may be chilly and sweaty; one will feel apathetic, another will be restless or irritable. These individual physical and psychological reactions indicate the medicine that best suits your condition at the time.
Homeopathic medicines may enhance your general health and mental well-being, while at the same time reducing your susceptibility to future ill health. 
Homeopathy may support emotional and behavioural issues of all types & for all ages; for expamler anxious teenagers before exams, work related stress, sadness & grief which does not improve over a natural period of grieving.
Regular “Homeopathy for the home” workshops take place to help inform & empower families to support common acute illnesses & diseases  – Coughs, colds, vomiting & diarrhoea, travel sickness, headaches, sore throats, earaches  etc.

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Conditions with overall positive evidence for homeopathy from The British Homeopathic Association
Listed below are 56 medical conditions in which there is currently a positive balance of evidence for homeopathy in randomised controlled trials (RCTs).
For complete details of these research studies in homeopathy, visit the research section of The Faculty of Homeopaths, which also identifies groups of RCTs that were non-conclusive or negative.
Clearly positive direction of RCT evidence in 4 conditions:
Fibromyalgia 1–3
Influenza 4–7
Insomnia 8–12
Seasonal allergic rhinitis 13–21
Tentatively positive direction of RCT evidence in 52 conditions:

Replicated Research
Allergic asthma 22, 23
Arsenic toxicity 24–27
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) 28–31
Blood coagulation 32, 33
Childhood diarrhoea 34–37
Common cold 38, 39
Depression 40–42
Female infertility 43–45
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) 46, 47
Low back pain 48–50
Menopausal syndrome 51–53
Muscle soreness 54–61
Osteoarthritis 62–64
Otitis media (acute) 65–67
Post-operative bruising 68, 69
Post-operative pain 70–74
Sinusitis 75–78
Upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) 79–82
Vertigo 83, 84 

Non-replicated research: singleton RCTs
Allergic skin reaction 85
Aphthous ulcer 86
Brain injury 87
Bronchitis 88
Chronic fatigue syndrome 89
Haemorrhoids 90
Immune function 91
Malnutrition 92
Nappy rash 93
Nocturnal enuresis 94
Non-allergic rhinitis 95
Oral lichen planus 96
Perennial allergic rhinitis 97
Plantar fasciitis 98
Post-operative oedema 99
Post-operative wound healing 100
Postpartum bleeding 101
Postpartum lactation 102
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) 103
Psoriasis 104
Radiodermatitis 105

Renal failure 106
Respiratory insufficiency 107
Seborrhoeic dermatitis 108
Sepsis 109
Snoring 110
Sprain 111
Stomatitis 112
Tonsillitis 113
Tracheal secretions 114
Uraemic pruritus 115
Varicose veins 116
Xerostomia (Dry mouth) 117



The Digestive System – Irritability, constipation & other comlaints
Homeopathic medicine may help a wide range of digestive disorders including acute diarrhoea & vomiting, flatulence, bloating, pain & colic.  The human gastrointestinal tract is sometimes referred to as the body’s second brain because of its massive & highly interactive nerve supply.
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ENT – Ear Nose and throat Complaints
Persistent & chronic ear, nosr or throat complaints will always need professional  advice.
Some of the many conditions which Homeopathy may be effective in supporting include:
Ear conditions – Otis Media, nasal complaints, throat & mouth complaints.
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Respiratory symptoms
Respiratory symptoms may affect the lungs, pleural cavity, bronchial tubes, trachea, upper respiratory tract  and of the nerves and muscles of breathing.
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Allergies General
Allergies affect over millions of people worldwide, which is the reason that World Homeopathy Awareness Week chose “Homeopathy and Allergies” as it theme for 2009. Allergies are an abnormal reaction to normal substances, such as food, mold or pollen.
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Colds & Flu
Primarily a winter infection, influenza epidemics, viral in origin, affect millions of people every year. Influenza is most often benign, but sometimes leads to serious complications, mainly in the elderly and frail. After a short, apparently symptom-free incubation period of from 12 to 48 hours, it takes hold rapidly.
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Skin Complaints
Psoriasis is a disease of the altered immune system, calling for internal treatment. Conventional doctors prescribe cortisone and immunosuppressive medicines. Homeopathy offers support for obstinate & stubborn skin diseases, including psoriasis.
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