Four Health Resolutions Everyone Should Adopt in 2019

Four Health Resolutions Everyone Should Adopt in 2019

Each new year presents us with an opportunity for reflection and change. If you’re reading this, then it’s pretty likely that at some point over the last decade your new year’s resolutions included something health oriented. Was it to lose weight? Was it to exercise more? Perhaps it was to eat cleaner?

Those resolutions are fine, but how much benefit do they give us? How can we take stock of where we are at and look at our achievements towards them objectively? We more than often don’t, for fear of realization that we haven’t made any progress at all.

This is why I believe that in 2019, everyone should adopt a new set of health resolutions. Four simple things, that will allow us to live happier and healthier lives.


  1. Find more energy

How energetic are you? I commonly hear from people how tired they are, how they wish they had more energy. Why not focus on that in 2019? Find ways to give yourself the little boost you need. Work out what foods and supplements your body responds best to. Discover when your body doesn’t feel drained from exercise, but feels energised.

  1. Focus on feelings

When you catch up with a friend you are likely to ask, “How are things going” or something along those lines. Instead, this year we should be asking “How are you feeling?” Dr Elizabeth Thompson the lead clinician at the National Centre for Integrative Medicine in Bristol starts every team meeting by asking everyone to share how they are feeling. If we do that at work, then imagine how healthy and cathartic it can be with friends.

  1. Listen to your body

How often do you push through fatigue, or hunger, or thirst, or stress just to get a job done? Just to keep the days ticking on by? We neglect our bodies by forcing them into things instead of listening to them, picking up on the messages they are telling us. If we’re overwhelmingly tired, then our lifestyle and diet may be to blame. If we are struggling to sleep, we might be stressed or anxious. If our skin isn’t clear or you are feeling run down, your immune system might be under stress. Listen to your body and treat it with care.

  1. Consider preventative health

When we feel unwell, we typically try to push through until it is so bad we need to seek the health of a practitioner. If we took a step back and thought about preventative health instead of reactive, we might be a whole world of healthier. This is where systems like NES come in – they may identify potential issues that we didn’t even know were there, to make us healthier and happier.