Homeopathy in Pregnancy – Patient Testimonial

“Jane has been a great help to me throughout the many phases of my pregnancy. I was having a
mixed bag of symptoms and Jane helped me to sort through and address each one in turn. In
the first trimester we tried some remedies for nausea but I was also having headaches and
feeling very fatigued so Jane prescribed a constitutional remedy and in just a few days the
headaches disappeared and I started to feel more balanced and able to cope with the day to
day tasks again.
Later in the pregnancy I had some anxiety and fear surface around having my second baby and
the hospital interfering with my desire for a natural birth. I was experiencing strong emotions
that I thought I had dealt with but it got to the point where I felt I needed help to sort through
them and Jane prescribed a series of 3 remedies, each with a specific purpose and I was truly
amazed at the transformation that took place over the few weeks I was taking the remedies. I
actually felt myself open up emotionally and face each of my fears – it is hard to put into words
but it felt almost spiritual.
I’m now in the last few weeks of my pregnancy and feeling very positive and calm about the
birth. I most recently saw Jane a week ago about a mysterious skin irritation that presented
with some other symptoms all indicating that my body was trying to detoxify a type of metal
that I had been exposed to. The skin inflammation was burning and very painful so I was quite
desperate when I saw Jane. She prescribed another remedy and later that night it had started
its magic. I woke the next morning to find the burning completely gone and the itching and
redness cleared up over the next few days. Since discovering homeopathy I have been so
amazed by its power I’ve been telling all my friends and family ‘you have to go and see Jane ‘”
ES Nov 2010