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Imagine if you could have a non-invasive scan of your body’s energy fields to identify where potential energy blockages are and have healing pathways identified for you, so you can treat your illnesses at the root?

That is something like what you can do with NES.

The Nutri Energetics System, commonly known as NES, is a non-invasive, electronic system that allows the practitioner to gain insight into the possible contributory factors of illness by assessing the human bio energy field.

It is one of the most sophisticated systems developed and is the result of 25 years of research. Using NES may identify a range of causes for ill health and suggest pathways to healing, so you can try to right remedies to repair your body on a cellular level and not only get well but stay well. NES also identifies in which order the body is best able to change and heal because our bodies can only correct its problems in a very specific sequence. The healing pathways identified by NES give us the best chance of restoring optimal health.


TGA registration & compliance information

Bio-energy mapping system sensor/device, active
ARTG Identifier 224241
This entry covers the NES scanner device which is connected to a computer to detect an individual’s bio-energy field via contact with the subjects hand and sends the information to the computer for interpretation of the inputs which provide the user with a representation of the bio-energy field for comparison to optimal values on a bio-energy field map

Bio-energy mapping system software, application program
ARTG Identifier 224240
This entry covers the NES scanning software and scanner device as a system.

Analgesic TENS system
ARTG Identifier 265124
This entry covers the miHealth Biofeedback device & may be used to alleviate acute & chronic pain, improve blood circulation, perform passive muscle stimulation and to facilitate functional restoration and improvement.


Additional Information

See also Peter Fraser & Harry Massey’s Books – “Decoding the human Body Field” & The Unturned Stone” – The latter is available as PDF.
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