What is NES?

The Nutri Energetics System a system which may identify & visually present a complete range of information about the location and causes of ill health. It offers integration of science & technology & provides a pathway to healing for individuals to get well & stay well. Each patient also receives access to their own “Patient Portal” where their scan results can be viewed in detail, together with documentaries on health & healing.

Jane works with both NES Provision Scanning & Mi Health Biofeedback device – See www.Neshealth.com website for further information.

In summary NES Provision scanning allows the practitioner to gain insight into the possible contributory factors of illness rapidly and non-invasively, Mi-Health Biofeedback device may assist in commencing correction of blocked healing pathways.

NES is the culmination of twenty-five years of work into how matter is actually structured in the body—the quantum electrodynamic field (QED). Developed by Peter Fraser & Harry Massey, the science behind NES integrates research in the fields of physics, biophotonism, quantum biology, resonance phenomena, advanced mathematics, information technology, Western and Chinese medicine, homeopathy and nutrition.

The Roadmap of Health
The NES analysis provides a suggested order in which the body is able to change and heal. In reality, the organism can only correct its problems in a very specific sequence.

For example, heavy metals and silent viral infections are two of the most common causes of chronic ill health. Yet before they can be eliminated, there must be improvements in the nervous and immune systems, intercellular communication and the body’s capacity to detoxify. It can take several months before the organism can be directed to eradicate these damaging toxins.

The NES Analysis
NES Provision detects a wide range of  information about one’s current state of health. Further testing will show all change, improvements or alterations that have taken place since the previous test. The broad categories of factors analysed by NES are outlined below:-

The metabolic factors affecting health including the following:
Allergies & food intolerances. wheat, dairy and other sensitivities, and the root causes behind them.
Metabolism: base rate, Ph, carbohydrate, protein, glucose, and sugar metabolism, enzyme function, etc.
Nutrition: vitamins, minerals and fat metabolism imbalances, malabsorption patterns and their causes.
Oxygenation: factors affecting a lack of oxygenation of the tissues (iron, B12, stomach strength, etc.)
Brain function. visual & auditory functions, memory, hyperactivity, sleep function, mental development.

Etiological factors that can be discovered include the following range of negative influences:
Big Field influences: Geopathic stress on the body due to gravity, ionic and magnetic fields.
Genetic influences: genetic traits and weaknesses that contribute to the current condition.
Environmental toxins: heavy metals, pollutants, solvents and chemicals that damage the energy-field.
Organisms: etic: effects of ELF, computer and cell phone radiation, microwave, radio waves, etc.
Emotional states:  bacterial, viral terrains, information as to why the immune system in not responding.
Electromagnentory of the key emotional toxins creating disruption and ill health.
Nutritional deficiencies: key nutrients that are depleted, including antioxidants and enzymes.

TGA registration & compliance information: – 

Bio-energy mapping system sensor/device, active
ARTG Identifier 224241

This entry covers the NES scanner device which is connected to a computer to detect an individual’s bio-energy field via contact with the subjects hand and sends the information to the computer for interpretation of the inputs which provide the user with a representation of the bio-energy field for comparison to optimal values on a bio-energy field map

Bio-energy mapping system software, application program
ARTG Identifier 224240

This entry covers the NES scanning software and scanner device as a system

Analgesic TENS system
ARTG Identifier 265124

This entry covers the miHealth Biofeedback device & may be used to alleviate acute & chronic pain, improve blood circulation, perform passive muscle stimulation and to facilitate functional restoration and improvement.

Additional Information

See also Peter Fraser & Harry Massey’s Books – “Decoding the human Body Field” & The Unturned Stone” – The latter is available as PDF.
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Please e-mail me Jane@janelindsay.com.au if you would like to receive a copy of either of these PDF books.

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