NES Consultation

When you arrive, we will discuss your health history and your current physical, emotional and mental health. You will then place your hand on the base unit and this will scan your bioenergetic field. Your data will be uploaded directly into the computer and then we will go through your scan results item-by-item. This sometimes can take a while depending on what issues the system identifies. We will then identify your healing pathways and use substance called Nutrigenetics Infoceuticals to correct them.

The items that will be assessed are:

Energetic Integrators: The body’s twelve interlocking fields (which include traditional acupuncture meridians) activate DNA and coordinate all body processes. Their integrity, strength and impact on health is determined.

Energetic Drivers: The relative over or under function of organs is displayed, including the nervous system, immune system, heart, lungs, liver, kidney, etc. (These are termed Energetic Drivers within the NES system).

You will also be given your own log in to your NES dashboard. This will allow you to dive deeper into your results and learn more about your unique healing pathways in the comfort of your own home, in your own time. When you receive follow up consultations and assessments, you can monitor your progress and watch your results change.


Please note NES Health Scans are available at both the Bardon and Wooloowin clinic.