I tried NES and this is what happened…

In July, I booked an appointment to meet with Jane. Jane was recommended to me by a family member and my appointment was simply because I was simply on a quest to feel healthier, happier and to have more energy.

When I arrived, I thought my appointment would only relate to homeopathy, but after a discussion with Jane about my general health (we spoke about things like my diet, exercise routines, energy levels, illnesses and conditions, medications and supplements I was taking and my lifestyle in general) she asked me if I was interested in NES.

NES is short for Nutri-Energetics System. It is a non-invasive, electronic system that allows the practitioner to gain insight into the possible contributory factors of illness by assessing the human bio energy field.

Jane explained that when we feel unwell, we have a tendency to often treat the symptoms – not investigate the cause and that is where NES may help. Because I simply wanted to feel more well, I said yes.

It was a simple process that began with Jane connecting a device to her computer. Once it was connected, I placed my hand on the device for about five seconds and Jane told me it was detecting my energy field.

After the device had scanned my energy field, the results came up on the computer screen. By results, I mean a series of screens that identified different types of energy fields and wellness points, highlighting the areas where blockages were.

Believe me when I tell you, it was amazing. I had no idea that the human body’s energy field was so complex and seeing the way everything interacted was so eye opening.

Now the next part may contain some TMI (too much information) facts, but this is what happened with my own results and what I found to be aligned with issues I was facing.

The first thing that became clear is that I had energy blockages in both my Stomach, Bile Duct and Pancreatic Duct field and my Large Intestine field. Jane suggested that this can be caused through ongoing digestion issues or short-term illnesses affecting these areas. Just five days earlier I had in fact, caught a 24-hour virus which caused me to have both vomiting and diarrhea. While my symptoms had gone, the effects of the virus were still being felt deeply amongst my energy field and may have been contributing to my decreased energy levels.

The second major element identified was that my Heart and Lunch Energetic Integrator was also blocked. The Energetic Integrators (EI) essentially equate to how well our energy information is flowing from one point to another. Jane shared that this EI was related to a wide range of issues, one of which is emotional trouble and turmoil. This was interesting as I had been making a few major decisions in my work life about an upcoming project and had been feeling stressed and somewhat anxious about it, despite not usually being a stressed or anxious type of person.

The third area that the NES system identified as not operating at optimum level was my Liver Energetic Terrain. Energetic Terrains (ET) are responsible for the healing messages to repair and rejuvenate parts of our bodies. This identified that my liver and large intestine were having trouble repairing themselves and one of the potential causes was… alcohol consumption! This was a little shocking, but also eye-opening as I was aware my alcohol intake was definitely on the high side.

The fourth identification was that my Female Energy Star also had energy blockages. The Energy Stars (ES) are like mini bioenergy fields which regular different systems within the body. The Female ES is responsible for all things reproductive. Jane asked had I had any issues with my cycle or with sexually transmitted infections…  I couldn’t really answer or link this to anything at all and in fact, I thought it was a little funny. However, TMI time, a couple of days later I did begin to have some symptoms of a yeast infection. It was winter, I was wearing a lot of tight lycra active wear all day and was on the go a lot. Sorry for TMI!

And finally, the fifth major identification was that I was low in B Vitamins… Something that I had learnt about two weeks earlier during a routine blood test with my GP and I hadn’t got around to adjusting my diet or purchasing supplements.

After Jane and I went through screen by screen to investigate my results and what they mean – please keep in mind these five are the major points out of tens and tens that were identified – we discussed the things I should do to improve my overall health.

In complete disclosure, I haven’t been back for another scan yet, sorry Jane! However, I have been travelling and do hope to have another scan early in the new year. Because I was absolutely amazed at how accurately the scan results related to my symptoms. It taught me a lot about my body, my health and my energy system and is a part of my overall health and wellbeing that I will never neglect or ignore again.


Written by Jess, a 26 year old patient of Jane who tried NES for the first time in July 2018. All views, statements and opinions made in the article are those of the individual and as NES and miHealth results vary from patient-to-patient cannot be considered standard. 

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