The Answer to Real Immunity Lies Within – March 2018 Newsletter

The Answer to Real Immunity Lies Within – March 2018 Newsletter

The answer to real immunity lies within and Homeopathy may assist in reminding the body.

February has been a month of films and fractures! A remarkable no of fractures presenting at clinic in individuals as young as 14 months and as old as 92! See article 1 below on how Homeopathy may support rapid bone setting and repair.

A number of films and documentaries continue to be at the forefront of providing information globally on both homeopathy & natural Immunity. See articles 2 & 5 below “Magic Pills” & “Real Immunity”, “Real immunity does not come through a pill or a needle” says Cilla Whatcott filmmaker, Homeopaths & Director of “Real Immunity”. “Searching outside of ourselves for sustainable health is not effective. The new paradigm is authentic; it honors innate intelligence of the body”.

The Real Immunity documentary focuses on dispelling the fear surrounding disease, encouraging viewers to trust their intuition, and empowering viewers with valuable, natural resources including something called “Homeoprophylaxis,” a 200-year-old method of safe disease prevention.

Learn about an antidote to fear from world-renowned immunologist, Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych, about the incredible importance of intuition from Dr. Jeanne Ohm, the director of the International Chiropractic Paediatric Association, and how famed paediatrician, Paul Thomas, attributes who he is to his roots in Rhodesia.

Another film documenting a quest to establish the truth about homeopathy “Magic Pills” is to have its UK premiere at this year’s Society of Homeopaths conference which I shall be attending at the end of April .

Last year’s launch of “Just One Drop” continues to be screened around this globe. Click below to hear a post screening Interview recorded in USA in December with Laurel Chiten & Rachel Roberts Director of HRI (Homeopathic Research Institute). Listen to the Interview here.

Finally the Your Health Your Choice Campaign is now at 76,000 signatures. Our target is 100,000. If you’ve not yet signed please do & share with al you know who value freedom of choice in medicine

Wishing you all the very best in Health & Homeopathy

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